Delta NH Plus 20-120kVA

delta nh plusSpecialist Power introduce the Modular Delta NH Plus Series.

The new Delta NH Plus series is designed with efficiency at the forefront, resulting in significant electricity savings for the end user.

Delta NH Plus Availability

  • Available from 20 to 480kVA (4 units x 120kVA in parallel).
  • Redundancy at module and system level.
  • Hot-swappable function ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance.
  • Redundant auxiliary power and control circuit ensures higher reliability.
  • Built-in maintenance and static bypass switch.
  • Extreme Power Efficiency


  • Modular design provides easy maintenance and scalability.
  • Multi-language LCD display.
  • Two smart slots and six programmable dry contact outputs.
  • Optional extended battery cabinet for longer backup time.

The NH Plus series maintains 94% efficiency even under 40% loading conditions, affording it an extremely competitive edge in today’s market.

Due to its extreme power efficiency, the NH Plus series can save customers significantly in electricity bill and carbon footprint compared to traditional UPS with power efficiency of 88%.

Download the Delta NH UPS Datasheet

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