Offline & Line Interactive UPS

Liebert are dedicated to turning good ideas into technologies that deliver adaptive architecture for mission-critical networks.

  • Liebert UPS

    Liebert PSP UPS 350VA – 650VA

    The Liebert PSP is a UPS that delivers cost-effective power protection in a compact package. It provides battery-backed outlets and a surge protection-only outlet. The Liebert PSP battery offers four minutes of backup power at full load – ample time to shut down protected equipment if an outage occurs.

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  • Liebert PSA

    Liebert PSA 500VA – 1500VA

    The Liebert PSA is an economical, environmentally-friendly line-interactive UPS that offers full- featured power protection for small office computers and electronic equipment. Liebert Multilink software automatically powers down your computer in the event of an extended power outage.

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  • Liebert PSI-XR

    Liebert PSI-XR 1000VA – 3000VA

    The Liebert PSI and Liebert PSI-XR 1000-3000VA are rackmount uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) delivering high-performance network power protection.

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